We would like to offer thanks to Kathy Parsons for doing an extended, wide-ranging, interviewwith Cathy at MainlyPiano.com.

Kathy has been very supportive of Cathy and her music and is hosting a concert in her home (along with Rhonda Mackert) on Wednesday, March 13 and wanted to let her readers get to know Cathy a little better in advance of the date.

We first met Kathy in person in September when we were vacationing on the Oregon coast and spent a few hours with her over breakfast and coffee. She was such a delight to talk with that it was like we had been friends forever.

Mainly Piano is the premiere English language site for news, information, reviews, interviews and everything else in the Solo Piano genre of music. Kathy Parsons is a lady of many talents and offers a wide range of services, including teaching piano, verifying transcriptions, and other music related ventures.

Go here for the full interview and while you are there, check out all the other great stuff that Mainly Piano offers. 

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