Thanks to Michael DiamondKathy ParsonsAscentorAlejandro Clavijo, and Joseph Akins for positive feedback for "To See You Again."

"Cathy has followed her creative muse and produced a solo piano album of reflective compositions that I’m sure will find resonance in those who listen with the ears of the heart and soul." 
Michael Diamond

"To See You Again is a wonderfully heartfelt third effort from Cathy Oakes. Recommended!!!" 
Kathy Parsons

"Beautiful melodies, honesty in the reflection of her deepest feelings and emotions, and a great technique - all this makes the new album from Cathy Oakes one of my favorites of this year." 

"Pianist Cathy Oakes is a shooting star of the New Age Piano genre. Each year she surprises us with a new work."
Alejandro Clavijo

 "Another great album from the prolific composer Cathy Oakes."
Joseph Akins

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