Cathy Oakes has been nominated for Best Solo Piano Album Enlightened Piano Radio'and will be performing at the first annual EPR Awards Show and Ceremony. The festivities will be held at Hall Piano Company in Metarie, Louisiana on Saturday, May 17th at 1 p.m.

Enlightened Piano Radio is an online radio station and network of artists who compose fresh, original Contemporary piano music. The station streams 24/7 and EPR concerts are held nationwide, featuring anywhere from 1-5 pianists on the stage at the same time!

Nominees from three categories will be performing on the stage at Hall Piano Company in New Orleans. This years categories are "Best Piano Album With Orchestration," "Best Solo Piano Album," and "Album Of The Year." 

Performers include Joseph Akins, Michael Dulin, Mark Pinkus, Renee Michele, Louis Colaiannia, Cathy Oakes, Rebecca Harrold, Richard Carr and Donovan Johnson. Award winners will be announced at the event!

To learn more about Enlightened Piano Radio, please check out the website at, and join us in New Orleans!

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