Cathy Oakes' new release, "Like a Song" has moved into the rotation at Piano Haven Radio

Piano Haven Radio is a unique listening experience that features some of the best known Solo Piano Artists with every song having been recorded on the famous Piano Haven Studio Kawai RX7 piano that has become a favorite destination for recording solo piano.

You will hear artists like David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno, David Lanz, Philip Wesley, Joseph Akins, Louis Landon, Rhonda Mackert, Amy Janelle, Joe Yamada, and many more.

The Piano Haven Studio was created by Joe Bongiorno and features full audio and video recording facilities, and also hosts monthly concerts featuring the best solo piano artists worldwide.

Piano Haven is located in the Seattle, Washington. Go here for full details of their facility and operation. 

Here is a sample player from the Piano Haven site. Go there for full functionality.



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Cathy Oakes: Like a Song

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