OK, my WV (and surrounding area) friends - it's official!!! (Mike) Marshall Barnhouse and I will be doing a concert on Wednesday, October 10 at 6:30pm at Jewel City Church in Shinnston, WV!!!!! I'm SO excited to be coming home for a concert!!!!!!! We're also working on a concert in the Charleston area. I would LOVE to see all your beautiful smiling faces!!!!! I'll be sharing music from my brand new CD, "On the Other Side!!!!" Please come out and share the evening with us!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, folks - it's a DONE DEAL!!!!! Doug Hammer is a musical master and genius!!!! It was so far BEYOND a joy to work with him!!!! The new CD will be released in early October (I hope)!. It is THE BEST thing I've ever released! It's the deepest part of me! It was the experience of a lifetime to record, orchestrate and create this music!!!! I'll keep you updated on the release date! Thank you for your support and encouragement! It means more than I will ever be able to say!!!!! I hope you will love "On the Other Side" - coming soon!!!!!

OK - the work has been done, I'm all packed, I've given Buddy and Laura STRICT instructions for taking care of my fur babies and feather babies. Before dawn in the morning, I'm off to record the next CD!!!!!! Thank you to Pamela J Edwards and William Edwards for listening and giving me feedback and thank you to everyone who is praying. Here we go!!!!!!!! This one is TOTALLY different!!!! When I recorded before, I was SO green and SO completely unaware of anything else that was out there. Now - after working with EPR for the past 5 years, I know what AMAZING artists are out there and what AMAZING stuff they put out! But I can only record what God puts on my heart. And I can only do it using the talent and the voice that He has given me. So - here we go!!!!!!

FIVE Enlightened Piano Radio artists and one up and coming artist in the house for last night's concert!! With Rebecca HarroldPhilip WesleyJoel AsherEric V. Bikales and me and Rachel Webster, a VERY talented up and coming artist!!! Thanks everyone for sharing a piece and for the AWESOME improv at the end!!

Image may contain: 5 people, including Cathy McIntyre Oakes and Eric V. Bikales, people smiling, indoor

I'll be sharing the stage with three AMAZING pianists on Dec 10 at 2:00pm in Spring Hill, TN. Please join us for a wonderful afternoon of beautiful music and Christmas cheer!! The ticket link is on the poster and will up and running soon.


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text

The tickets for the 2017 Enlightened Piano Radio Concert in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry will go on sale on July 7. I will be sharing the link as soon as I have it. I would LOVE to see all my friends, fans and family there!!! Those who have attended our event in the past can attest to the fact that it is a concert like NO other!!!! Over 20 AMAZING artists from all over the world! This is one you DO NOT want to miss!!!!


There will be 16 Enlightened Piano Radio artists at our Awards Concert aboard the beautiful Carnival Triumph!!! I just finished the list of YouTube videos for the cruise line paperwork. My mind is BLOWN!!!! The amazing quality of these performers is OVER THE TOP!!!! We will be having a Meet and Greet (with private concert) for our guests on Friday morning (Oct 7) and then the Awards Concert on Sunday afternoon (Oct 9). If you're not joining us - WHY NOT?!?!?! You are going to miss an AMAZING show!!!! (Not to mention a cruise, the never-ending delicious food, the fun, the beauty and the destination - Cozumel, Mexico!!!!)



Enlightened Piano Radio in cooperation with Maury County Center for the Arts present Cathy Oakes and Eric Bikales in concert for two nights on Friday, August 19th and Saturday, August 20th. A wine tasting is optional for five dollars in addition to the price of admission. 

I want to thank each and every person who attended both the Maury County Chorale concert in Columbia, TN and the benefit concert in Spelter, WV and all those who have given - either individually or through my Go Fund Me account to the flood victims in West Virginia. Together, we have raised nearly $2,000 for these folks!! The hard-working firefighters at Shinnston Volunteer Fire Department in Shinnston, WV were SO thankful for the initial donations!!! These folks are continually providing supplies that are needed in southern WV and transporting those supplies to the victims. The Go Fund Me drive is still going!! If you have not donated and wish to do so, please make your donations through the link below. ALL funds will be sent to the Shinnston Volunteer Fire Department to be used for supplies for the flood victims. Once again - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Enlightened Piano Radio Artists Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson, and Louis Colaiannia will play a series of shows Valentines Weekend that will make perfect date nights for fans.

On Friday, February 12 the trio will play the Corning Opera House in Corning, Iowa at 7 p.m. Go to www.corningoperahouse.com for more information and tickets.

The group moves on to the Joslyn Museum on Saturday the 13th. Tickets are avaliable at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2485492

On Valentines Day, they will play a matinee at 2:30 p.m. as part of the Celebrate Wood River Concert Series in Wood River, Nebraska. 

Cathy Oakes Playing "On the Other Side" at Carnegie Hall

The Columbia Daily Herald Recognizes
Cathy Oakes Trip to Carnegie Hall

By James Bennett

When Cathy Oakes was 6, her mother took away her piano after catching her practicing with her toes.

The little girl from Spelter, W. Va., was bored with traditional piano lessons and wanted to see if she could play as well with her feet as with her hands. 

“As soon as she saw me, lying on the bench, with my feet on the keys, she sold it,” the Columbia resident remembered. “I didn’t get another piano of my own until I was a freshman in high school.” 

Even without a piano of her own, Oakes started playing at church and learned music from playing and listening to hymns. By the time she was a teenager, she was one of the best piano players around, playing for the high school choir in local and state competitions. 

“I loved music so much, and I majored in music in college, with an emphasis in piano and voice” said Oakes, who attended West Virginia Wesleyan College. “My dream was to one day play at Carnegie Hall.” 

The former minister’s dream will come true Saturday. Oakes will play at Carnegie Hall as part of the Enlightened Piano Radio Awards ceremony in New York. 

“I am a country girl who milked cows after school,” Oakes said. “Imagine me, playing at Carnegie Hall!” 

Oakes was nominated for best solo piano album, “To See You Again.” She will perform in Weill Hall with 23 other artists. 

“We are an online radio network with 120-plus performers,” said Oakes, who serves as artist relations director for the radio team. “Our music is original, contemporary and neoclassical. Some call it New Age.”

Oakes has performed across the country, frequently in the West, with her husband, Buddy, at her side. She has performed 60-70 concerts so far last year in places such as Sedona, Ariz., and Seattle. She often plays privately in her Columbia home for small groups. 

“The friendliest place I ever played was at a little opera house in Corning, Iowa,” Oakes said. “They were so appreciative and kind, and their opera house was wonderful. 

“The most beautiful place was in a Gig Harbor, Wash., living room” she said. “Oh, my, was it gorgeous, looking out of the picture window. There was a perfect view from this incredible home. I played as I looked out over Puget Sound.” 

Oakes moved to Columbia 10 years ago with her husband, who works as an insurance claims manager. The two met in an online Bible study after the passing of her first husband. 

“Buddy used to tell me all of the time, why don’t you write your own music,” Oakes said. “He liked listening to me play, but he kept nagging me to write music.” 

Oakes told him she did not have the ability to write and even hired a teacher at Middle Tennessee State University, Joseph Akins, to evaluate her ability. 

“I just wanted to shut my husband up, to stop the nagging,” Oakes said. “I basically was paying someone to tell me I could not do it. I was convinced I could not write. But when I finished working with him, I wrote five songs in one week. That was in 2011. Since then, I have not been able to stop writing. 

“Songs come into my head all of the time,” said Oakes, who frequently writes songs about her family and five children. “That moment has unleashed a floodgate of ideas.” 

On the Carnegie Hall stage, Oakes will play, “On the Other Side,” a song she wrote in tribute to her mother, Trellis McIntyre, who passed away at Thanksgiving last year at age 87. She originally was going to play, “The Tempest,” inspired by her daughter, Laura Hudson.

“My mother used to tell me, she would come watch me at Carnegie Hall even if she had to come in a wheelchair,” Oakes said. “She did not make it. But when I am playing the song I wrote for her, it will be very emotional and personal.” 

The five minutes on stage will be a testimony to the power of persistence, she said. 

“I’ll never forget all of the professors I’ve had through the years who told me, ‘You’ll never make it if you don’t practice.’ “ 

Oakes has made it now. She has fans from coast to coast, thanks to online radio and a path that took her from West Virginia, to Columbia and this week to New York. 

“This is a testament to the faithfulness of God and all of the people who believed in me, including my mother, my husband and friends. I think it will be one of the greatest moments of my life.” 

James Bennett is editor of The Daily Herald. Contact him at jbennett@c-dh.net. Follow him on Twitter @JamesBennettCDH. 


- See more at: http://columbiadailyherald.com/news/local-news/james-bennett-column-columbia-pianist-play-carnegie-hall#sthash.kXp4LGQ5.dpuf


Cathy Oakes will play two shows in her home city of Columbia, Tennessee in early August.

On Thursday August 6th, she will be the featured artist at the Firts Thursday Artisans Party at Wall Candy which is at 113B West 7th Street off the square in downtown Columbia.

The following night, Cathy will host a house concert at her home and will have Joel Asher and Eric Bikales as guest artists. 

Both concerts are free and open to the public. For further information call Cathy at 931-698-5770 or email at cathyroakes@hotmail.com.


The Zone Music Reporter named Their list of finalists for the ZMR Awards Show that will be held on May 9th at the Joy Theater in New Orleans.

Cathy Oakes was included in the five finalists in the category of "Best Piano Album - Solo" for her CD "To See You Again." 

The other finalist in solo piano are:
A Southern Sun - Joseph Akins (HeartSong Music)
Call of the Mountains - Masako (Self Released)
Passionata - Denise Young (Dancing Horses Music)
Whispers the Falling Snow - Dan Chadburn (Self Released)

A complete lists of finalists in all categories can be found here at the ZMR site.

Congratulations to all the nominees and thanks to all the voters and the the entire ZMR staff for their support.


Cathy will be performing at six Enlightened Piano shows in August in Nebraska, Iowa and Tennessee including a return to the home base of the Rose Garden Concert Venue in Columbia, Tennessee.

The Midwest shows will also feature Donovan Johnson and Murffreesboro's Joseph Akins.

In Franklin and Columbia Cathy will be joined by Donovan and Eric Bikales.

The show in Columbia will be available on the internet via Concert Window.

The full details of each show can be found at the Calender tab above. Save the dates and plan to attend!



Cathy Oakes has been nominated for Best Solo Piano Album Enlightened Piano Radio'and will be performing at the first annual EPR Awards Show and Ceremony. The festivities will be held at Hall Piano Company in Metarie, Louisiana on Saturday, May 17th at 1 p.m.

Enlightened Piano Radio is an online radio station and network of artists who compose fresh, original Contemporary piano music. The station streams 24/7 and EPR concerts are held nationwide, featuring anywhere from 1-5 pianists on the stage at the same time!

Nominees from three categories will be performing on the stage at Hall Piano Company in New Orleans. This years categories are "Best Piano Album With Orchestration," "Best Solo Piano Album," and "Album Of The Year." 

Performers include Joseph Akins, Michael Dulin, Mark Pinkus, Renee Michele, Louis Colaiannia, Cathy Oakes, Rebecca Harrold, Richard Carr and Donovan Johnson. Award winners will be announced at the event!

To learn more about Enlightened Piano Radio, please check out the website at www.enlightenedpiano.com, and join us in New Orleans!


Cathy will begin a tour of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California in early March that will showcase several Enlightened Piano Radio artists in multiple venues. Here is a listing of the dates, locations, venues, and performers. More detail for specific shows can be found under the calendar tab above. We look forward to seeing and meeting many of you there!

Thursday March 6th, 7pm
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

1207 Ellsworth St. Bellingham WA
Karen Fitzgerald, Cathy Oakes, Eric Smith, Donovan Johnson

Friday March 7th, 7pm
Rhonda Mackert House Concert Series
Gig Harbor,WA
Rhonda Mackert, Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson

Saturday March 8th, 7pm
Northwest Piano Gallery
13310 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, WA
Eric Smith, Cathy Oakes, Rhonda Mackert, Donovan Johnson

Sunday March 9th, 3pm
Kathy Parsons House Concerts
Rhonda Mackert, Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson

​Tuesday March 11th, 7pm
The Wright Sound Concert Series
2850 Foothill Boulevard Redding, CA 
Rhonda Mackert, John Paris, Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson

Wednesday March 12th, 7pm
Yuba Sutter Regional Arts Center
Marysville CA
John Paris, Rhonda Mackert, Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson

Thursday March 13th, 7pm
Steinway Of Roseville 
771 Pleasant Grove Blvd #150, Roseville, CA
John Paris, Rhonda Mackert, Cathy Oakes, Donovan Johnson

Thanks to Michael DiamondKathy ParsonsAscentorAlejandro Clavijo, and Joseph Akins for positive feedback for "To See You Again."

"Cathy has followed her creative muse and produced a solo piano album of reflective compositions that I’m sure will find resonance in those who listen with the ears of the heart and soul." 
Michael Diamond

"To See You Again is a wonderfully heartfelt third effort from Cathy Oakes. Recommended!!!" 
Kathy Parsons

"Beautiful melodies, honesty in the reflection of her deepest feelings and emotions, and a great technique - all this makes the new album from Cathy Oakes one of my favorites of this year." 

"Pianist Cathy Oakes is a shooting star of the New Age Piano genre. Each year she surprises us with a new work."
Alejandro Clavijo

 "Another great album from the prolific composer Cathy Oakes."
Joseph Akins

As we wait for To See You Again to finish being distributed through all the normal sites (iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc) we are continuing the direct from artist sale. Order it now directly from Cathy and get it shipped the next day. You can have it signed or shrink-wrapped and if you request it, we will send you a link via DropBox to get the MP3's within a few hours. To order now, send $14.99 via PayPal to buddyoakes@hotmail.com and put your requests in the comment section. If you want to pay by check or credit card, email cathyroakes@hotmail.com. She is very flexible. If you want multiple copies, they are $10 for each additional item or you can email either of us for special pricing. All shipping is included. Thanks in advance for your support.


The official release date for "To See You Again" has been set for Monday, September 16. This will be the third CD from Cathy Oakes and includes 13 original Solo Piano compositions that were recorded in July at Piano Haven Studio with Joe Bongiorno handling the engineering and mastering. 



Enlightened Piano Radio Presents...
Donovan Johnson,  Joseph Akins,  and Cathy Oakes


A rare appearance in the Middle Tennessee state area by Solo pianist Cathy Oakes along with Enlightened Piano founder Donovan Johnson and Murfreesboro Solo Pianist Joseph Akins at Miller Piano in Franklin for a full evening's entertainment, More details are at 


Cathy Oakes recently completed recording her new CD of original piano music at Piano Haven in Sedona. The engineering and mastering is being done by Joe Bongiorno and is in progress. It will be titled "To See You Again" which captures the touching, emotional nature of the music. It is Cathy's third CD and it is targeted for a September release date. Here is an unmastered preview video of the opening song "When I Am Afraid" to give a sample of the new music.



Cathy will be the featured artist at the next meeting of the Steinway Society of Knoxville on Sunday May 5, 2013 at 3 p.m. The event will be held in the recital hall at the American Piano Gallery in Farragut, west of Knoxville, Tennessee. Admission is complements of the Steinway Society. RSVP is requested but not required at 865-671-3388. 


We would like to offer thanks to Kathy Parsons for doing an extended, wide-ranging, interviewwith Cathy at MainlyPiano.com.

Kathy has been very supportive of Cathy and her music and is hosting a concert in her home (along with Rhonda Mackert) on Wednesday, March 13 and wanted to let her readers get to know Cathy a little better in advance of the date.

We first met Kathy in person in September when we were vacationing on the Oregon coast and spent a few hours with her over breakfast and coffee. She was such a delight to talk with that it was like we had been friends forever.

Mainly Piano is the premiere English language site for news, information, reviews, interviews and everything else in the Solo Piano genre of music. Kathy Parsons is a lady of many talents and offers a wide range of services, including teaching piano, verifying transcriptions, and other music related ventures.

Go here for the full interview and while you are there, check out all the other great stuff that Mainly Piano offers. 

Cathy Oakes will have three performances in the Northwest on her tour in March. On March 13, she will be paired with Rhonda Mackert at Kathy Parson's Concert Series in Florence, Oregon. On Sunday, March 17th she will perform with Renee Michele and Donovan Johnson at a house concert at Renee's home venue. On Tuesday, March 19th, she will finish her tour at Rhonda Mackert's home in a show that will also feature Donovan Johnson. For details and ticket information, see each of the following flyers.


Cathy at Enlightened Piano Radio Show in Omaha

Cathy Oakes Joins Donovan Johnson and Matthew Mayer for an evening of music at Unity of Omaha on Saturday, March 6 in a show that you will not want to miss. Details are in the following flyer. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 931-388-0397.




Thanks to SoloPiano.com for the nomination of "Let There Be Joy" as one of the four finalists for 2012 "Christmas and Holiday" Album of the Year! Congrats to all the nominees in every category. It is an honor to be mentioned in such talented company. Here is the link to the full list of nominees.

SoloPiano.com is a 24/7 internet based radio station that "provides a quality platform for solo piano artists worldwide, while being the premier source for discovering solo piano music." Go here to listen to the free stream.

Thanks to James Cahall for including selections from Cathy's "Let There Be Joy" CD on this season's newest app for apple products that features some of the best solo piano artists Christmas music.

Digital Media Interactive presents the Christmas Piano iOS app, a collection of relaxing and seasonal melodies. Featuring FREE music, news, photos, videos, and more from 9 of today's greatest pianists. Stay connected with all the latest updates from these wonderful artists on your iOS device. Available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Go here to download the free app.

Whisperings Solo Piano artists Joseph Akins, Philip Wesley, and Cathy Oakes will be playing Christmas favorites on the lower level of Cool Springs Galleria from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday near the new Apple store. A beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano is being supplied by Miller Piano of Franklin, TN.

Cathy will be playing on Thursday and Friday with Joseph Akins and will be replaced by Philip Westley on Saturday and Sunday as Joseph continues his four day marathon. Stop by and say hello. There will be special stocking stuffer prices on CDs and sheet music for your last minute shopping needs.


Thanks to Donovan Johnson and Enlightened Piano Radio for naming Cathy their "Featured Artist for December."

Enlightened Piano Radio is a 24/7 internet based radio station that provides "Soothing Piano Driven music to sooth you..." It features many of today's top solo piano artists in a great rotation of musical selections. They also host a series of concerts throughout North America featuring many of the artists in their network.

Thanks to SoloPianoChristmas.com for picking up two tracks from Cathy Oakes' Christmas CD "Let There Be Joy." "Shepherd's Song" and "God with Us" are the two songs that have been added to the rotation.

Solo Piano Christmas is your 24/7/365 for solo piano Christmas music. Featured artists include David Lanz, Kevin Kern, Joe Yamada, Louis Landon, David Nevue, Philip Wesley, Chad Lawson, Greg Maroney, Michael Dulin, Gary Girouard, Joe Bongiorno, Wayne Gratz, Michele McLaughlin, Joseph Akins, Brad Jacobsen, Tim Neumark, Doug Hammer, Christine Brown, and others.

Go here to here the best Christmas music available anywhere.

Cathy Oakes will make a special return engagement to La Hacienda in Columbia, Tennessee for a special evening of Christmas music featuring selections from her new CD "Let There Be Joy." 

The music starts at 5:30 p.m. and will go until 7:30. Make sure and join us for what insures to be a fun and festive evening. For details and specials call La Hacienda at 931-840-5955.


Check out Kathy Parson's latest review of Cathy's "Let There Be Joy" at Mainly Piano where she gives kudos to the new Christmas release. 

We were blessed to meet Kathy (Parsons) on our recent trip to Oregon and Cathy (Oakes) will be making a return visit to Florence next Spring when she will play a house concert in Kathy Parson's series that will also include Rhonda Mackert on March 13. 

Kathy is also a great resource for online piano lessons as well as proofing sheet music. While you are at the Mainly Piano site, check out all of the other resources and information and sign up for the monthly Pianotes newsletter that is always full of interesting stuff.

Thanks again to Kathy for a great review!


Cathy will be appearing at the Autumn Blaze Arts Festival in Waverly, Tennessee this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
She will be playing music from her debut CD, "like a Song" and well as Christmas themed music from "Let There Be Joy" that was released on Tuesday.
The Autumn Blaze Festival is presented annually by the Humphries County Arts Council and features all forms of art available for sale and viewing.
The event will be held at the old G and A Building in Waverly Plaza at West Main and Clydeton Road. Admission is free. We look forward to seeing all of our friends from Waverly on Saturday.

Cathy will be appearing at the Autumn Blaze Arts Festival in Waverly, Tennessee this Saturday, October 13, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

She will be playing music from her debut CD, "like a Song" and well as Christmas themed music from "Let There Be Joy" that was released on Tuesday.

The Autumn Blaze Festival is presented annually by the Humphries County Arts Council and features all forms of art available for sale and viewing.

The event will be held at the old G and A Building in Waverly Plaza at West Main and Clydeton Road. Admission is free. We look forward to seeing all of our friends from Waverly on Saturday.

The countdown to Christmas is starting at CathyOakesSoloPiano.com and by our calculations there are 76 shopping days left until the big day. Nothing makes a better pre-holiday gift, stocking stuffer, or present than the gift of music that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The official release of "Let There Be Joy" is today, October 9th and is currently available at CD Baby as well as directly from the artist in the widget to the right. If you would like a signed copy, order through the widget and note exactly how you want it signed.

If you would like to buy several copies of either of Cathy's CDs, please email us at buddyoakes@hotmail.com for quantity discounts and customization to your order. We will even wrap and send a gift directly if you wish.

There are 90 second clips mixed in the player above or at the page "Let There Be Joy Clips" linked above.

Over the next few days, downloads will be available at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Emusic, Spotify, MySpace, Rdio, Rhapsody, and anywhere else downloads are sold.

Thanks for everyone's support and we wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and many Blessings in the New Year.


The official release date for Cathy Oakes' Christmas CD, "Let There Be Joy" is set for Tuesday, October 9th but you can order it now and have it mailed immediately from our PayPal store using the widget on the right of this page. You can buy either of Cathy's CDs there for $15 with free shipping, or both together as a package for $25. When you buy directly from Cathy, she will be happy to sign your copy if you request that with your order.

If you wish to buy several for holiday gifts, email us at buddyoakes@hotmail.com for the best prices for multiple copies.

The CD will be available for download at CD Baby and all other sites within the next few days. Samples of all songs should be up over the weekend here at Cathy's site.



"Let There Be Joy" is headed for the presses and ready for an October 9th release. The master, which was enginered and mixed by Joe Bongiorno, in sealed and ready to be mailed. The all original artwork by Matt Strieby, that is based on our Christmas fireplace, has already been submitted. Here's a little preview of the cover.


Thanks to Alejandro Clavijo at Reviews New Age for a great review of "Like A Song." Alejandro has a great site and has recently released a CD "The Best of Reviews New Age: The Piano" that is wonderful. Check out the review here and take a look at the rest of the site while you are there.

Go here for the full review and to see all the other great stuff at Reviews New Age (Use Google Translate) 

Thanks to David Nevue for adding three tunes from "Like a Song" to Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, the most listened to Internet radio Station in any genre. The title cut, "Like a Song," as well as "Falling Waters" and "A Tender Soul" will be added to the Whisperings rotation in the near future.

Cathy is in Seattle recording her Christmas CD this week and attended last Saturday's concert at Piano Haven with Whispering artists David Lanz, Louis Landon and host, Joe Bongiorno. 

After the show, she posed with Wisperings artist Lanz, Landon, Bongiorno, Rhonda Mackert, and Amy Janelle.


We received so much good feedback on Cathy's CD release concert from the weekend that we have put the complete download of all 14 songs on sale for $7.99 exclusively at CD Baby, our preferred vendor.
If you were thinking about a few songs, here is the chance to get it all for one low price, now through August 3. Go to CD Baby here to get the preferred price. Act now as the prices will return to $9.99 when the sale is over. 

We received so much good feedback on Cathy's CD release concert from the weekend that we have put the complete download of all 14 songs on sale for $7.99 exclusively at CD Baby, our preferred vendor.

If you were thinking about a few songs, here is the chance to get it all for one low price, now through August 3. Go to CD Baby here to get the preferred price. Act now as the prices will return to $9.99 when the sale is over.


Cathy Oakes celebrated her CD release with a concert from her home on Friday, July 27, 2012. Special guests Cory Levine, Joel Asher, and Joseph Akins also appeared. Enjoy the video.

It may be July and 95 degrees but Cathy is keeping cool by putting the final touches on her upcoming Christmas CD entitled "Let The Be Joy" that will be recorded at Joe Bongiorno's Piano Haven in Seattle in late August. Here is a rough video of a version of her original piece called "Christmas Past." The CD is being produced by Sierra Keys Music and will be available in October 2012.


Check out Kathy Parson's latest review at Mainly Piano where she give Cathy's "Like a Song" a thumbs up for a great first CD.

Go here to read it and while you are there take a look at all the other wonderful resources for solo piano fans including over a thousand reviews of albums and tons of interviews of the best folks in the genre.

Kathy is also a great resource for online piano lessons as well as making perfect sheet music. She also hosts a great concert series at her home with upcoming shows with an incredible list of solo piano favorites. 

Cathy Oakes' new release, "Like a Song" has moved into the rotation at Piano Haven Radio

Piano Haven Radio is a unique listening experience that features some of the best known Solo Piano Artists with every song having been recorded on the famous Piano Haven Studio Kawai RX7 piano that has become a favorite destination for recording solo piano.

You will hear artists like David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno, David Lanz, Philip Wesley, Joseph Akins, Louis Landon, Rhonda Mackert, Amy Janelle, Joe Yamada, and many more.

The Piano Haven Studio was created by Joe Bongiorno and features full audio and video recording facilities, and also hosts monthly concerts featuring the best solo piano artists worldwide.

Piano Haven is located in the Seattle, Washington. Go here for full details of their facility and operation. 



Thanks to Matthew Mayer and SoloPiano.com for featuring Cathy Oakes' "Like a Song" on the front page of their website.  

SoloPiano.com is a site that strives to provide a quality platform for solo piano artists worldwide, while being the premier source for discovering solo piano music. The site features "The Stream" which is a 24/7 high quality feed of solo piano music from artists around the world.

Go to SoloPiano.com and give them a listen!

Cathy Oakes' new album, "Like a Song" is spreading across the internet and is getting great reviews.

Kawai Solo Piano artist, Joe Bongiorno, commented "VERY moving & inspiring! What a fantastic debut album... so melodic, emotional & pure.... Her heart shines through so vibrantly. Looking forward to more music from Cathy, gonna be hard to top this gem!"

After the release of the CD on Tuesday, more digital sites are picking up the CD for play and download every day. Pricing is competitive so check out a variety of sites for the best deal. Our main base is CD Baby, but you can also go to iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon, and anywhere else you like to download music. You can also find downloads at the Music Store at Cathy's Facebook page.


Sierra Keys Music is pleased to announce the release of Cathy Oakes’ debut CD entitled “Like a Song” on June 26, 2012. The album consists of 14 solo piano pieces and is the first of several projects planned for the coming year.

You may order a jewel box CD directly from the artist now by going to the “store” widget in the right column. It will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and most other music download sites over the next few weeks.

Cathy has her own unique sound that carries through the entire album of solo piano compositions while still managing to display a wide variety of melodies and tempos. For 90 second samples of all 14 songs go to the “audio” link at the top of the page. 

The album was recorded in April at the Piano Haven studio in Seattle, Washington and engineered and mastered by Joe Bongiorno, who is also a popular solo piano artist.

We would love to hear from you and we are easy to find. Use the contact tab to email us, “Like” Cathy on Facebook, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to find out about upcoming concerts and releases.

Cathy is available for concerts at individual homes, churches, coffee houses, pubs, restaurants, or larger venues. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about a date. 

Cathy Oakes has partnered with Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, Tennessee to play her original solo piano compositions each week for visitors and patients in the main lobby of the hospital.

Being a patient or having a friend or family member in the hospital is never a pleasant experience. It is a blessing for Cathy to be able to give back to the community by playing her calming solo piano music to lift the spirits of those in attendance.

Cathy usually plays at MRMC from 10 a.m. until noon on Mondays, as her schedule permits. Check our site weekly for updates to insure that she will be there before making a special trip.

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