On the Other Side Released

I am proud to present to you my newest CD, “On the Other Side.”  This is a project that has been five years in the making. The songs were born of the many experiences over the past five years of my life - the marriage of children, children moving away from home, my mother and other loved ones passing and the joy of sitting at the piano with my granddaughter as she wrote the theme for Sienna’s Dream.  It is my first venture into the world of orchestration. This music was recorded, orchestrated and engineered with the amazing Doug Hammer of Dreamworld Productions. It has been a journey of joy, sorrow and reflection and the experience of a lifetime. I invite you to share the journey with me.

You may hear sample tracks by clicking on the “Song Clips” tab and choosing “On the Other Side” at the top of my page or you may hear them in my store.  You may order your CDs through my store or through CDBaby, where digital downloads are also available by using the CDBaby tab on the right of this page. It will also soon be available through popular audio streaming sites such as iTunes and others.  

Thank you for listening and for sharing my journey.




On the Other Side CD Presale

 My new CD, "On the Other Side." is not up on my website yet. But if you want to pre-order a copy, just Paypal $15 (shipping included) to buddyoakes@hotmail.com. I'll get a  copy in the mail to you immediately!!! This one is TOTALLY different! It is orchestrated by the AMAZING Doug Hammer!!!



Cathy Oakes "On the Other Side" releases September 27

OK, folks - it's a WRAP! This CD is as perfect as the AMAZING Doug Hammer and I can make it! I'm working with the AWESOME Matt Streiby to get the cover done and then, it's off to post production. If everything goes perfectly, I'll have it in my hands by my mom's birthday, Sept 27. It would be very fitting since the album is in her memory. I can't wait to share it with you!!!!!! 

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